The "Trade Size" field as it is used on our platform is the amount set by the user that will be divided among the pairs in the chosen basket according to the percentage each pair represents in the basket.

For example, if your trade size is set to 1000 USDT, each BTC trade will be the equivalent of 300 USDT because BTC represents 30% of the basket.


Trade sizes should correspond to the account size in your Binance Futures wallet along with your set Leverage. And a good rule of thumb is to use the largest part of the basket as a guide for risk management; this is currently BTC for our futures baskets.

Therefore, we recommend that each BTC trade should not risk more than 10% of your total account size.

For Futures Large Basket:

Account Size X 3 = Trade Size

Basket Pair Trade Size [BTC (30% of Basket)] = Trade Size x Percent of Basket (30%)

Actual Trade Size At Exchange = Basket Pair Trade Size / Leverage

For example, if your Binance Futures account size is 3000 USDT I would set my trade size to 9000 which would make each BTC (30% of Basket) trade 3000 USDT and since my leverage is always set to 10x each BTC trade would only use the equivalent of 300 USDT in my trading account which is only risking 10% per BTC trade - of course the other pairs in the basket with smaller percentages of the basket would risk even less.

**NOTE: Our strategies are ONLY made to work with ISOLATED margin mode at Binance

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