Transfer USDT to your Margin wallet -> Select Basket, Set Trade Size -> Trade

Trading functions related to the Spectrum Margin Strategy can be found in the Margin tab in the main top menu of the Greypool platform. Our Margin based strategy is traded using a basket of 15 Margin pairs:

BTCUSDT(6.66%) ETHUSDT(6.66%) XRPUSDT(6.66%) LTCUSDT(6.66%) LINKUSDT(6.66%) BNBUSDT(6.66%) ADAUSDT(6.66%) BCHUSDT(6.66%) VETUSDT(6.66%) TRXUSDT(6.66%) DASHUSDT(6.66%) ZILUSDT(6.66%) OMGUSDT(6.66%) WAVESUSDT(6.66%) XMRUSDT(6.66%)

As this is a Margin strategy, both long and short trades are entered using spot data feed pairs, the system automatically borrows and repays with each transaction. The major benefit of our Margin strategy and basket is significantly reduced risk - each Margin trade can only lose the initial amount invested in that particular trade and utilizing very little leverage.

After selecting the "Large Basket", find the "Trade Size" field and enter the size of each trade you'd like the bot to use, as the trade size is being entered a display below will show the exact lot size per trade that trade size corresponds to in the basket you've selected (see below)

The minimum Trade Size for the Margin strategy is about 180 USDT

Once the basket is selected and the trade size is entered you MUST click 'SAVE' before the settings will take effect .

*Of course USDT must be transferred to your CROSS Margin wallet beforehand

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