After the Binance API key has been created at the exchange and correctly entered/saved into the platform users must set the trade size they'd like the bot to trade and the basket of symbols to trade.

The trading functions related to the Spectrum Futures Strategy can be found In the "Futures" tab, first select the basket of symbols you'd like to trade from the "Subscription" drop-down menu.

After selecting the basket, find the "Trade Size" field and enter the size of each trade you'd like the bot to use, as the trade size is being entered a display below will show the exact lot size per trade that trade size corresponds to in the basket you've selected (see below)

The basket in this example allocates 30% of your trade size to BTCUSDT; in the image above the minimum trade amount for BTC is $44.52 USDT so the trade size you set must allow for greater than this amount - if the trade size is not large enough and the minimum size (set by the exchange) is not met a red 'X' will appear to the left of the symbol name. Once all minimum trade amounts per pair are met a green check mark will appear to the left of the symbols as seen in the image above.

Once the basket is selected and the trade size is entered you MUST click 'SAVE' before the settings will take effect .

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